8 Types of Food for Problems in The Body

Medication does not always use modern medicines if natural methods can overcome them. 

Here are some types of foods from harga promo that can be relied upon to overcome various problems in the body.

Overcome warts with bananas

Bananas are good for skin health because vitamin E is in it. So bananas can be used to overcome problems related to skin such as warts. Warts are not a serious disease but their presence makes the skin feel uncomfortable. To eliminate it by pressing the banana peel on the affected part and let it sit for a while. Even though there are many people who believe, what is wrong if tried because it is only external treatment hargapromosupermarket and does not cause any harmful effects.

Black tea for eyesight

Do not throw away the used tea bag dip if your eyes are swollen. Take the tea bag and stick it to the closed eyes. Let stand a few minutes until your eyes feel not swollen anymore. This is because tea contains antimicrobials and astringents which are effective for tightening and drying the skin.

Turmeric to facilitate menstruation

The feeling of seizures and pain often approach women who experience problems with menstruation. Turmeric can be used as a medicine to treat it. If confused to make it good to buy drinks that contain turmeric juice.

Ginger can overcome nausea

This one spice is good for anyone, especially 
hargapromosupermarket pregnant women who experience nausea. How to slice fresh ginger and make tea or chew raw ginger. Surely nausea will disappear. In addition to overcoming nausea, ginger also has many benefits. So don’t hesitate to consume it.

Pare relieves diabetes

Naturally, if many people do not like this type of vegetables. That bitter taste is the basis, but for diabetics it’s good to consume bitter melon because these vegetables are supporting vegetables that are good for diabetes and high sugar levels. Where bitter melon can reduce blood sugar, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure.

Olive oil for dry lips

During fasting the intake of drinks into the body is automatically reduced which can cause the lips to become dry. Use olive oil to deal with it because olive oil contains oleic acid which has the effect of creating a good closure to deal with dry lips.

Chili relieves pain in the joint area

Vitamin E cream or coconut oil that does not contain petroleum products and add a pinch of chili powder for every 30 ml of oil can reduce pain in the joint area such as the knee and ankle. This chili is efficacious to stop the production of compounds that cause pain because chili contains capsaicin.

Sunburn can be treated with skim milk

Skim milk in cooler conditions than room temperature can moisturize the skin and help relieve pain associated with sunburn. Where it works is to form a kind of collagen net. How to use it is to wet gauze with milk and paste it in the area exposed to the sun. But don’t use whole milk because it can slow down the healing process.

That is some type of food that can be made into medicine. Hopefully useful for you and your family from hargapromosupermarket.com.…

10 The Nature of Good Husband In The Household

Age is ripe but not yet want to get married. Maybe various reasons are the cause. Maybe someone is afraid of failure with their husband later. For this reason, you should think carefully about the nature and character of the prospective husband mcfol.

In addition, efforts are also needed to understand where the prospective husband came from. Every person would want to have an open, honest and pleasant partner.

What should a good husband look like?

The following is your guide to more carefully selecting prospective husbands, namely the nature that must be present in the prospective husband mcfol.

To be responsible

A man must have this trait if he wants to be valued as a worthy partner. A man’s responsibility is a man in which there is a problem, he can step forward to handle it, other than that if he does something wrong he wants to admit it and can take responsibility for his own actions.


Honesty is an important factor in building trust in a relationship. Because if one feels betrayed the relationship will not be safe. Women don’t want their partners to hide things and be dishonest. Women will more easily forgive men’s mistakes if they are honest, mcfol and forthright.


Men and women are still hesitant to get married, but if in a relationship there is a commitment that doubt will disappear. Where happens together life and concrete commitments.

Have a stable emotion

Women really want men who are confident, independent, and men who want to show and tell what women are like to them. In terms of emotions women are the ones who want to be emotional. For mcfol that, look for partners who have stable emotions to balance it.


Women want their feelings to be heard and understood. Women also want to talk and share with their loved ones about their lives. It is expected from his speech that men can analyze and find solutions.

Believe it

To feel safe and valued in public, women need men who show an attitude of confidence. Men like this are sometimes older men than women. But this is not always true, to get to know mcfol more about how he treats you in public than at home.

Showing respect, especially for female parents (mother)

Many people say look for a man who is respectful and obedient to his mother, from where he is expected to later apply the same to the woman who will become his wife.


This trait needs to be found in men because women love being seduced, noticed and pursued. With women feeling comfortable and happy because they notice that men and women become obedient and obedient to their husbands later.


Men are passionate about goals and results oriented, not allowing anything to hinder them and having a sincere desire to be brilliant in certain areas of their lives. That’s the man who likes women.

Has a sense of humor

Who doesn’t like being laughed? someone must love it especially women, very much a man who can make mcfol laugh. Humor is important for health and good for a relationship.

That’s the kinds of traits that need to be present in a man to be a prospective husband. May be this website mcfol.org will be useful.…

How To Help Children Establish Friendship

Many mothers don’t want their children to have friends or make friends. Where socialization for children is important for adult life later. 

But if your child does not have friends, as a parent you should help the child so that he is able to make friends.

The following are steps that parents need to take to encourage child friendships:

  • Give children the opportunity to get playmates with neighbors, cousins, take him to a friend’s house who has a child of his age is very helpful. So entering school age he already has the ability to make friends or socialize.
  • Teach him basic ways to initialize. For example, he has to wait his turn, not stingy on the toy. For older children teach the importance of giving and receiving.
  • Gently understand to him how wonderful and pleasant friendships that friendship is. If you need to give an example so that the child slowly wants to imitate it.
  • Open the door wide for your child’s friends. Allow children to take their friends to play or have lunch in your house.
  • Don’t teach children to be picky friends. Give him the widest opportunity, unless his friend does behave badly.
  • If he has a problem with his friend (fighting), teach him how to compromise (that sometimes he has to budge), express anger without overdoing (hitting). In older children, you can teach how to solve problems or find solutions.
  • Don’t rush to judge your friend badly. who knows even if your child is guilty.
  • Make your home a comfortable place for children and their friends to play. Provide toys (not necessarily expensive), enough books or other simple toys.
  • Ask for expert help if the child seems to have a social problem like no child wants to be friends with him. Do not delay longer because it can prevent growth and development.

That’s tips on how to help children find friends. May be useful.…

Some of the Causes of Skinny Children

Exposed to certain diseases or malnutrition can be a cause of thin children or unable to grow properly, such as their weight does not increase, the value in school is less satisfactory and so forth. 

Thin body is more associated with lack of food, even though the thin body causes can vary:

  • Maybe the child lacks expression so even if he feels hungry, he doesn’t reveal it to his parents. For such children as parents, they must play an active role. Set a routine meal schedule for him (including light meals) and don’t wait until he’s hungry because he won’t say it.
  • It is possible because he consumes too much liquid so that his stomach does not fit again for food, especially solid food which results in the body becoming thin.
  • At the time of eating at the dinner table, the chair may not be comfortable so the child does not want to linger at the dining table so the child stops him from eating.
  • Maybe he was always rushed to quickly finish his meal. Even though there are certain children who do take longer to eat. Asking him to quickly eat food, make children depressed and unable to enjoy food.
  • Because the food provided is not exactly what is needed for growth. Because too much canned food or foods with low fat content are given. If you have less weight, you should give them foods that contain lots of calories and are nutrient-dense so that they are not thin.
  • Maybe he is too active while the food input for him is no longer appropriate. Many parents who do not realize that the larger the child, the more activities where children like this need energy. Maybe it’s time to increase food intake so that reserves are available to support children’s growth.
  • Another reason might be because the child is hit by stress. Either because he just got a younger brother, his parents separated, they were unable to attend classes, or there were too many additional activities. Things like this can also be the cause of children not eating appetite so that the body is thin.

Those are some possibilities that cause the body of a thin body. May be useful.…

Happy Tips in an Instant

Happy feeling is highly recommended for everyone. Happy feeling is one of the important factors determining human health. Where if someone feels happy life, the feeling of stress will be lost and stress needs to be avoided because it can have a negative impact on health. 

Happy feelings can be created from ourselves, the environment or from the family and there are separate tips so that we can live happily.

Below are some happy tips that we can try to create a sense of happiness in an instant:

Find happiness in a photo album

Visually reminded of the experiences that you really enjoy triggering the brain to feel happy like when the event itself.

Baking cookies

By baking cookies you can smell the aroma of baked cakes that can stimulate the center of the brain’s pleasure and evoke sweet memories of childhood.

Drawing or painting

Researchers in Chicago find, draw or paint for only one hour can increase self-confidence and brighten up feelings. Drawing is not only creative, but also makes you happy with achievement. Of course if you can finish it.

Do good

According to research in the UK, people who help others feel more optimistic and happier 48% than those who don’t help. For that, do good to others.

Eliminate discomfort at work

Eliminate displeasure with work, especially housework. Because housework such as sweeping, mopping and other tasks for only 20 minutes is proven to increase feelings of pleasure. In addition, by doing your homework, you can tighten a number of muscles and burn calories.

Those are some activities and tips that can create feelings of happiness. May be useful.…

Tips for Making Chiffon Cake and Chiffon Cake Recipe

Towards Eid, the community is busy making cakes to entertain the guests who come, ranging from pastries to wet cakes. Making cakes requires precision, precision and expertise. 

If not, the cake produced is not satisfactory. For those of you who are just learning to make cakes like chiffon cake besides looking at recipes, it is also a good idea to pay attention to the following tips.

  • To make a chiffon cake, the egg yolks do not shake. Therefore, it is better to use refined sugar than ordinary sugar so that the sugar can be smooth even though the mixture is just stirring.
  • Coconut milk can be replaced with milk, water, or other juice in the same amount.
  • Milk powder only serves as a flavor and aroma. Therefore, the powder can be removed.
  • When whipping the white egg, it is best to add sugar so that the egg white is not easy to runny. But shaking the egg whites should not be at the same time with sugar. Beat the egg white first until it’s slightly foamy then add the sugar little by little while continuing to shake until stiff.
  • After being cooked. Chiffon cake must be turned over the bottle until it’s cold so the cake doesn’t drop.
  • We recommend that you use a special chiffon cake mold so that the cake is easily removed from the mold.

Chiffon cake banana


  • Egg yolk (8 items) and white egg (7 items)
  • Refined sugar (100 grams)
  • Oil (100 cc)
  • Thick coconut milk (50 cc)
  • Wheat flour (150 grams)
  • Baking powder (1 teaspoon)
  • Banana, puree (250 grams), salt to taste.
  • Cream of tartar (1 teaspoon)

How to make:

  • Cover the mold with baking paper.
  • Mix egg yolks with refined sugar, oil, coconut milk, flour, baking powder, salt, and milk powder.
  • Add the finely chopped banana into the mixture, stirring well.
  • Beat the egg whites with the cream of tartar while adding granulated sugar little by little. Beat until stiff.
  • Pour the egg whites into the banana mixture little by little, stirring well.
  • Pour the mixture into a baking sheet that has been prepared. Oven until cooked.
  • Turn the cake over the bottle. Leave it until the cake is cold, just remove it from the mold.

That’s the recipe and tips on how to make banana chiffon cake. Good luck.…

Natural Ways to Treat Coronary Heart

Coronary heart disease is not an ordinary disease that can easily be cured. How to treat coronary heart disease can be by natural means or traditional medicine and modern medicine.

Treating with modern medicines in addition to the expensive price also the side effects must be taken into account and need to be aware of.

For those who choose to treat with the following natural ways to treat traditional coronary heart disease, to speed up healing, people with coronary heart disease should obey all restrictions, including not smoking, because cigarette smoke is not good for this disease.

Also avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. If you want to drink tea or coffee you should not make too thick, reduce fatty foods or spicy foods, the mind must be calm, avoid stress, keep emotions because controlled emotions can support the healing process for people with coronary heart disease.

Recipe for Treating Coronary Heart

Natural remedies that must be taken to treat coronary heart recipes are as follows:


  • Black sugar cane root (1/4 handheld)
  • Black sugar cane (one segment)
  • Kemukus (11 seeds)
  • Stone sugar as big as a chicken egg (1 seed)

How to make:

Cane peeled, wash then cut into small pieces. Boil with other ingredients with 3 cups of water until remaining half. Drink the decoction as much as ½ cup a day after meals.

That’s the natural way to treat coronary heart disease without modern medicine. Keep in mind to avoid all taboos mentioned above. May be useful.…

Recipe for Cats Rainbow Tongue Cake

Eid is in sight, besides preparing Lebaran clothes, we also prepare various kinds of cakes to fill the guest table, for example cat tongue Ranbow cake.

In the market there are many kinds of cakes sold. If we are not careful in buying it, the cakes we buy can be less good for health both in terms of coloring, preservatives and have expired. It would be nice to take a moment and make your own cat tongue tongue.

Here’s the cat’s rainbow tongue recipe that can be tried at home.

Cats Rainbow Tongue Cake


  • Butter (250 grams)
  • Refined sugar (200 grams)
  • Egg white (150 grams)
  • Wheat Flour (250 grams)
  • Color blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, red to taste.

How to make:

  • Beat the butter and sugar until smooth.
  • Add egg white, shake again until blended.
  • Add flour, stir until well blended. Share the mixture into six parts. Each dye is given. Mix well.
  • Put each mixture into a triangular plastic, spray the mixture alternately, on a pan that has been coated with margarine.

That’s an easy recipe for how to make a cat’s rainbow tongue. Hopefully this simple review is useful.…

Recipe for Making Super Savory Tempe Chips

Tempe is a typical Indonesian food that has a lot of benefits for the body. Some of the content contained in tempe includes:

  • Contains Food Fiber.
  • Contains Calcium
  • Carbohydrate
  • Vitamin B
  • Iron Content
  • Vegetable protein
  • Phosphor
  • And the content of Keratin.

All of these ingredients are beneficial to your body, so consuming tempeh regularly is very beneficial for your body.

Tempe can be used as a variety of dishes, one of which is processing tempeh into chips. Then how do you make the tempe chips produced to be savory and crunchy ?? Here’s the recipe:

Tempe Chips Recipe


  • Tempe soybeans (box shaped) 2 pieces. thinly sliced
  • 300 grams of rice flour
  • 150 g of starch
  • 1 egg
  • Enough water)
  • Cooking oil 9 enough)

Ground spices:

  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 2 Spring onions
  • Coriander and candlenut (to taste)
  • Salt (1 tbsp)
  • 2 orange leaves

How to make:

  • Blend all the spices smoothly, evenly.
  • Mix tapioca flour, rice flour and eggs. Add the mashed spices.
  • Give water slowly while stirring.
  • Heat the oil.
  • Dip the tempeh slices into the mixture.
  • Then fry until dry.
  • Lift.

That’s an easy recipe to make tempe chips to be tasty and delicious. Hopefully the brief description is useful.…

How To Make The Right One By Expert

Women and make-up are two things that cannot be separated, because a woman wants to look beautiful in public, especially in front of her lover. Women also want to be flattered or praised.

The correct make up can make the face slightly different from the original, the face looks clean and bright. Conversely, the wrong make up can actually make the skin damaged and even appear less perfect.

Here’s how to make the right one by the expert:

  • Choose makeup that matches your skin tone.
  • Use a concealer that is 1 level younger than foundation. Put the concealer on imperfections on the face or under the eyes to cover the dark circles. Mix with fingertip or sponge make up.
  • Apply the foundation of the powder by Totolkan in the middle of the face, mix with the fingertips or sponge out until it covers the entire face.
  • Apply powder or pressed powder to make foundation last longer.
  • To fill the eyebrows, use an eyebrow powder. Apply with a brush and mix well. pilij colors that match the color of your skin.
  • Use 3 eye shadow colors, from young to dark. Dark eye shadow to line the upper eyelid, a thin line above the lashes. The medium color is the youngest for the bottom of the eyebrows.
  • Make an eye line on the upper eyelash line. Right on the lash line.
  • Apply mascara to the upper lashes.
  • Apply the cheek blades to the cheek bulging or just below it. Mix well.
  • Apply lipstick. Make lip lines after applying lipstick. The color of the lipliner is the same as lipstick and can blend well with lipstick. Apply clear gloss to gloss and moisture.
  • So that the makeup looks fresh throughout the day. spray mineral water into the face. Let it dry. Do not wipe it because it can remove makeup. Let it dry by itself.

That’s the right way to make up. Hopefully with this brief description, you can take the wisdom.…