8 Types of Food for Problems in The Body

Medication does not always use modern medicines if natural methods can overcome them. 

Here are some types of foods from harga promo that can be relied upon to overcome various problems in the body.

Overcome warts with bananas

Bananas are good for skin health because vitamin E is in it. So bananas can be used to overcome problems related to skin such as warts. Warts are not a serious disease but their presence makes the skin feel uncomfortable. To eliminate it by pressing the banana peel on the affected part and let it sit for a while. Even though there are many people who believe, what is wrong if tried because it is only external treatment hargapromosupermarket and does not cause any harmful effects.

Black tea for eyesight

Do not throw away the used tea bag dip if your eyes are swollen. Take the tea bag and stick it to the closed eyes. Let stand a few minutes until your eyes feel not swollen anymore. This is because tea contains antimicrobials and astringents which are effective for tightening and drying the skin.

Turmeric to facilitate menstruation

The feeling of seizures and pain often approach women who experience problems with menstruation. Turmeric can be used as a medicine to treat it. If confused to make it good to buy drinks that contain turmeric juice.

Ginger can overcome nausea

This one spice is good for anyone, especially 
hargapromosupermarket pregnant women who experience nausea. How to slice fresh ginger and make tea or chew raw ginger. Surely nausea will disappear. In addition to overcoming nausea, ginger also has many benefits. So don’t hesitate to consume it.

Pare relieves diabetes

Naturally, if many people do not like this type of vegetables. That bitter taste is the basis, but for diabetics it’s good to consume bitter melon because these vegetables are supporting vegetables that are good for diabetes and high sugar levels. Where bitter melon can reduce blood sugar, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure.

Olive oil for dry lips

During fasting the intake of drinks into the body is automatically reduced which can cause the lips to become dry. Use olive oil to deal with it because olive oil contains oleic acid which has the effect of creating a good closure to deal with dry lips.

Chili relieves pain in the joint area

Vitamin E cream or coconut oil that does not contain petroleum products and add a pinch of chili powder for every 30 ml of oil can reduce pain in the joint area such as the knee and ankle. This chili is efficacious to stop the production of compounds that cause pain because chili contains capsaicin.

Sunburn can be treated with skim milk

Skim milk in cooler conditions than room temperature can moisturize the skin and help relieve pain associated with sunburn. Where it works is to form a kind of collagen net. How to use it is to wet gauze with milk and paste it in the area exposed to the sun. But don’t use whole milk because it can slow down the healing process.

That is some type of food that can be made into medicine. Hopefully useful for you and your family from hargapromosupermarket.com.

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