Benefits of Aloe Vera

Many people like to plant aloe vera plants. By some people, Aloe vera or the Latin language ALOEVERA is only planted as a garden decoration both thin flesh and thick flesh, besides that many also use it only to treat hair beauty.

But it turns out that aloe-like plants from this crocodile can be consumed and healthy because aloe vera contains ALOEMOEDIN and ALOEBARBADIOD substances, which are compounds belonging to the ANTRACUINON group. The gel can function to strengthen the body’s defense system. If you want to be consumed, juice should be made.

The process of processing Aloe vera juice is very easy. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Choose thick fleshy aloe vera
  2. Wash aloe vera until clean cut into 2 parts
  3. Scrape aloe vera meat, set aside
  4. Blend the aloe scallop without adding water
  5. Blend until the aloe becomes a thick liquid
  6. Store aloe vera liquid in the refrigerator (not in the freezer) for 1-2 days so that the aloe mucus melts.
  7. Each glass of aloe vera is mixed with one spoon of honey, stirring until evenly distributed
  8. After that Aloe vera juice is ready for consumption.

The benefits of aloe vera juice are very many, which can help soften the skin, restore stamina, overcome difficult bowel movements, relieve hemorrhoids and much more to help alleviate severe or mild illness.

Now you know, it turns out that Aloe vera has many benefits. For that, let’s multiply growing aloe vera plants, especially those with thick flesh.

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