Benefits Of Star Fruit For Health

Star fruit has many health benefits. Even so, people who have problems with their kidneys should avoid consuming this fruit because it contains oxalic acid. Juices made from star fruit are more dangerous because of their higher acid concentration.

People who have high cholesterol or diabetics must also avoid this fruit, because of its high sugar content.

If you do not have the diseases that we have mentioned above, the following benefits of star fruit for health:

Benefits of star fruit

1. To launch a stone urine

How: Take 3 to 5 star fruit and boil, then take the water, brew with honey and drink.

2. For lymphatic enlargement due to malaria

How: Take 5 fresh star fruit and juiced / grated. Drink water feeling with warm water

3. Can treat influenza and sore throat

How: Take ninety to 120 grams of fresh starfruit juiced or grated to drink.

4. For high blood pressure

How: Take 2 sweet star fruit which has been cooked to eat after morning and evening

Benefits of leaves in star fruit

1. For less urine

How: Take 30 grams of fresh leaves washed, then boiled, drink water as a substitute for tea.

2. For cancer sufferers can use the leaves from star fruit plants (but accompanied by other ingredients)

How: ¼ Hand-held starfruit leaves, papaya leaves are slightly young ½-piece, young cermai leaves ¼ handheld, 1/3 hand-held spinach leaves. All ingredients are boiled until cooked, then eaten.

3. For boils

How: Take enough fresh leaves to wash thoroughly, mash until smooth, then stir with rice washing water until it becomes a mixture like porridge, then paste it to the sick place, then wrap it.

4. For sores

How: Take enough fresh leaves to wash thoroughly, then boil until boiling. Warm to use to wash the affected part

Benefits of other elements in star fruit

1. For malaria

How: Take 15 take 24 dried star fruit, brewed with boiling water to drink twice a day.

2. For liver / liver pain

How: Take 12 to 15 grams of dried root boiled and drink the water.

3. Treat chronic headaches

How: Take 30 to 45 gr of fresh root washed and cut into pieces add 120 g of tofu and clean water until submerged, then steamed once a day, then drink.

4. For pain in joint joints

How: Take 120 grams of fresh root cut as needed, then soak it in six hundred cc of wine, after one week can be drunk (1 day shot)

Those are some of the benefits of star fruit and how to use star fruit and also part of the star fruit plant. May be useful

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