Some of the Causes of Skinny Children

Exposed to certain diseases or malnutrition can be a cause of thin children or unable to grow properly, such as their weight does not increase, the value in school is less satisfactory and so forth. 

Thin body is more associated with lack of food, even though the thin body causes can vary:

  • Maybe the child lacks expression so even if he feels hungry, he doesn’t reveal it to his parents. For such children as parents, they must play an active role. Set a routine meal schedule for him (including light meals) and don’t wait until he’s hungry because he won’t say it.
  • It is possible because he consumes too much liquid so that his stomach does not fit again for food, especially solid food which results in the body becoming thin.
  • At the time of eating at the dinner table, the chair may not be comfortable so the child does not want to linger at the dining table so the child stops him from eating.
  • Maybe he was always rushed to quickly finish his meal. Even though there are certain children who do take longer to eat. Asking him to quickly eat food, make children depressed and unable to enjoy food.
  • Because the food provided is not exactly what is needed for growth. Because too much canned food or foods with low fat content are given. If you have less weight, you should give them foods that contain lots of calories and are nutrient-dense so that they are not thin.
  • Maybe he is too active while the food input for him is no longer appropriate. Many parents who do not realize that the larger the child, the more activities where children like this need energy. Maybe it’s time to increase food intake so that reserves are available to support children’s growth.
  • Another reason might be because the child is hit by stress. Either because he just got a younger brother, his parents separated, they were unable to attend classes, or there were too many additional activities. Things like this can also be the cause of children not eating appetite so that the body is thin.

Those are some possibilities that cause the body of a thin body. May be useful.…

Natural Ways to Treat Coronary Heart

Coronary heart disease is not an ordinary disease that can easily be cured. How to treat coronary heart disease can be by natural means or traditional medicine and modern medicine.

Treating with modern medicines in addition to the expensive price also the side effects must be taken into account and need to be aware of.

For those who choose to treat with the following natural ways to treat traditional coronary heart disease, to speed up healing, people with coronary heart disease should obey all restrictions, including not smoking, because cigarette smoke is not good for this disease.

Also avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. If you want to drink tea or coffee you should not make too thick, reduce fatty foods or spicy foods, the mind must be calm, avoid stress, keep emotions because controlled emotions can support the healing process for people with coronary heart disease.

Recipe for Treating Coronary Heart

Natural remedies that must be taken to treat coronary heart recipes are as follows:


  • Black sugar cane root (1/4 handheld)
  • Black sugar cane (one segment)
  • Kemukus (11 seeds)
  • Stone sugar as big as a chicken egg (1 seed)

How to make:

Cane peeled, wash then cut into small pieces. Boil with other ingredients with 3 cups of water until remaining half. Drink the decoction as much as ½ cup a day after meals.

That’s the natural way to treat coronary heart disease without modern medicine. Keep in mind to avoid all taboos mentioned above. May be useful.…

Traditional Medicine Treats Herpes Zoster

Herpes zoster is a disease caused by a virus and the first one to be attacked is the skin. From the skin directly affects the nerves, because of that this disease is difficult to cure completely.

For these sufferers, you should avoid cold air, don’t eat salted fish, and don’t eat cabbage. Also reduce spicy and fatty foods. If treated with modern medicine, it has not shown signs of recovery. Below is a traditional recipe that we can try to treat shingles, the recipe is as follows:


  • Sambilata leaves (11 sheets)
  • Turmeric (3 fingers)
  • Soft sliced ​​sea horn (1 tablespoon)

How to make:

Turmeric is peeled and washed and thinly sliced ​​with other ingredients. Boil with 4 cups of water. Leave half then lift and filter. Decoction is taken 3 times a day as much as ½ cup for 10 days.

That is a natural recipe for people with shingles. Hopefully useful and quickly recover.…

Simple Ways to Get Healthy and Fit

In a healthy body there is a strong soul and a clear mind, which can lead to positive actions that will make ourselves, family and also society progress.

Healthy is an immeasurable gift from God. Therefore, we must be smart to take care of our health. There are several simple ways to keep your body healthy and fit at all times. Here’s how:

  1. Stay away from smoking or cigarette smoke and stay away from foods or drinks that contain lots of sugar, because both have a bad impact. Excess sugar will increase the amount of insulin. Insulin not only functions to control the pressure of sugar in the blood, but can trigger the risk of cancer, besides that excessive sugar can cause obesity which will disrupt the health of the heart and liver.
  2. Counteract depression by drinking coffee containing caffeine. Because coffee that contains caffeine besides having a bad effect turns out caffeine has many benefits. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning does not only provide extra energy, but also can improve mood that lasts longer than we realize, because caffeine works like an antidepressant by stopping the production of some hormones such as serotonim.
  3. Exercise with the right diet. Because to reach a healthy body in addition to diligent exercise, eating patterns must also be regulated.
  4. Sleep 1 hour longer than usual to create a happy feeling especially for you who are too busy.
  5. Live a life with optimism / positive thinking in order to have a big impact on your happiness, besides that it can also help you live longer because someone who has positive or optimistic thoughts tends to avoid heart disease.
  6. Increase brain power by chewing gum, besides chewing gum can bring a sense of happiness and also improve memory. Mint flavored gum can dramatically reduce feeling tired. Read more at
  7. Beware of the office cash machine, because it’s just as dirty as a public toilet that is a place for bacteria to live. Get used to wash your hands thoroughly after getting money from an ATM machine.

Those are some simple ways that the body is healthy and fit so that we avoid various diseases. May be useful.…

Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Cancer

Today’s patterns of life tend to damage themselves. People only pursue careers, positions and all their dreams regardless of the meaning of health. There is even a habit that gradually triggers his body to get cancer. Even so, there are also many people who adopt healthy living behaviors for prevention.

Healthy lifestyles

So that cancer cells do not develop in our bodies, then arrange our lifestyle everyday. The healthy lifestyle recommended to prevent cancer is as follows:

  1. Be diligent in eating foods that contain fiber such as green vegetables, fruits and foods that contain seeds such as tofu and tempe.
  2. If you like fried foods, you should not reduce too much. Reduce foods that contain protein and fat, but also reduce consumption.
  3. Keep your body condition not to overweight / overweight, to check the weight should be weighed once a week. Weight loss must be avoided because in the body fat the risk of cancer is greater than the normal body condition. Usually cancer attacks the breast, uterus, large intestine, stomach, kidneys, and bile contents.
  4. Wash vegetables or other food thoroughly until clean. Use antiseptics so that food is free from environmental pollution.
  5. Eat fresh food. Artificial sweeteners, food coloring, and preservatives should be taken into account how to use them to be comfortable for consumption.
  6. Food should be boiled, reduce foods that are processed at high temperatures and take a long time because foods that are processed like that will cause procarcinogens.
  7. Leave the habit of smoking and drinking beverages containing alcohol.
  8. Exercise regularly and avoid stress and chaotic thoughts.

That’s the steps of lifestyle that we must avoid to prevent cancer cells from occurring in our body. Hopefully we avoid cancer.…

Benefits Of Star Fruit For Health

Star fruit has many health benefits. Even so, people who have problems with their kidneys should avoid consuming this fruit because it contains oxalic acid. Juices made from star fruit are more dangerous because of their higher acid concentration.

People who have high cholesterol or diabetics must also avoid this fruit, because of its high sugar content.

If you do not have the diseases that we have mentioned above, the following benefits of star fruit for health:

Benefits of star fruit

1. To launch a stone urine

How: Take 3 to 5 star fruit and boil, then take the water, brew with honey and drink.

2. For lymphatic enlargement due to malaria

How: Take 5 fresh star fruit and juiced / grated. Drink water feeling with warm water

3. Can treat influenza and sore throat

How: Take ninety to 120 grams of fresh starfruit juiced or grated to drink.

4. For high blood pressure

How: Take 2 sweet star fruit which has been cooked to eat after morning and evening

Benefits of leaves in star fruit

1. For less urine

How: Take 30 grams of fresh leaves washed, then boiled, drink water as a substitute for tea.

2. For cancer sufferers can use the leaves from star fruit plants (but accompanied by other ingredients)

How: ¼ Hand-held starfruit leaves, papaya leaves are slightly young ½-piece, young cermai leaves ¼ handheld, 1/3 hand-held spinach leaves. All ingredients are boiled until cooked, then eaten.

3. For boils

How: Take enough fresh leaves to wash thoroughly, mash until smooth, then stir with rice washing water until it becomes a mixture like porridge, then paste it to the sick place, then wrap it.

4. For sores

How: Take enough fresh leaves to wash thoroughly, then boil until boiling. Warm to use to wash the affected part

Benefits of other elements in star fruit

1. For malaria

How: Take 15 take 24 dried star fruit, brewed with boiling water to drink twice a day.

2. For liver / liver pain

How: Take 12 to 15 grams of dried root boiled and drink the water.

3. Treat chronic headaches

How: Take 30 to 45 gr of fresh root washed and cut into pieces add 120 g of tofu and clean water until submerged, then steamed once a day, then drink.

4. For pain in joint joints

How: Take 120 grams of fresh root cut as needed, then soak it in six hundred cc of wine, after one week can be drunk (1 day shot)

Those are some of the benefits of star fruit and how to use star fruit and also part of the star fruit plant. May be useful…