Happy Tips in an Instant

Happy feeling is highly recommended for everyone. Happy feeling is one of the important factors determining human health. Where if someone feels happy life, the feeling of stress will be lost and stress needs to be avoided because it can have a negative impact on health. 

Happy feelings can be created from ourselves, the environment or from the family and there are separate tips so that we can live happily.

Below are some happy tips that we can try to create a sense of happiness in an instant:

Find happiness in a photo album

Visually reminded of the experiences that you really enjoy triggering the brain to feel happy like when the event itself.

Baking cookies

By baking cookies you can smell the aroma of baked cakes that can stimulate the center of the brain’s pleasure and evoke sweet memories of childhood.

Drawing or painting

Researchers in Chicago find, draw or paint for only one hour can increase self-confidence and brighten up feelings. Drawing is not only creative, but also makes you happy with achievement. Of course if you can finish it.

Do good

According to research in the UK, people who help others feel more optimistic and happier 48% than those who don’t help. For that, do good to others.

Eliminate discomfort at work

Eliminate displeasure with work, especially housework. Because housework such as sweeping, mopping and other tasks for only 20 minutes is proven to increase feelings of pleasure. In addition, by doing your homework, you can tighten a number of muscles and burn calories.

Those are some activities and tips that can create feelings of happiness. May be useful.

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