Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Cancer

Today’s patterns of life tend to damage themselves. People only pursue careers, positions and all their dreams regardless of the meaning of health. There is even a habit that gradually triggers his body to get cancer. Even so, there are also many people who adopt healthy living behaviors for prevention.

Healthy lifestyles

So that cancer cells do not develop in our bodies, then arrange our lifestyle everyday. The healthy lifestyle recommended to prevent cancer is as follows:

  1. Be diligent in eating foods that contain fiber such as green vegetables, fruits and foods that contain seeds such as tofu and tempe.
  2. If you like fried foods, you should not reduce too much. Reduce foods that contain protein and fat, but also reduce consumption.
  3. Keep your body condition not to overweight / overweight, to check the weight should be weighed once a week. Weight loss must be avoided because in the body fat the risk of cancer is greater than the normal body condition. Usually cancer attacks the breast, uterus, large intestine, stomach, kidneys, and bile contents.
  4. Wash vegetables or other food thoroughly until clean. Use antiseptics so that food is free from environmental pollution.
  5. Eat fresh food. Artificial sweeteners, food coloring, and preservatives should be taken into account how to use them to be comfortable for consumption.
  6. Food should be boiled, reduce foods that are processed at high temperatures and take a long time because foods that are processed like that will cause procarcinogens.
  7. Leave the habit of smoking and drinking beverages containing alcohol.
  8. Exercise regularly and avoid stress and chaotic thoughts.

That’s the steps of lifestyle that we must avoid to prevent cancer cells from occurring in our body. Hopefully we avoid cancer.

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