How To Help Children Establish Friendship

Many mothers don’t want their children to have friends or make friends. Where socialization for children is important for adult life later. 

But if your child does not have friends, as a parent you should help the child so that he is able to make friends.

The following are steps that parents need to take to encourage child friendships:

  • Give children the opportunity to get playmates with neighbors, cousins, take him to a friend’s house who has a child of his age is very helpful. So entering school age he already has the ability to make friends or socialize.
  • Teach him basic ways to initialize. For example, he has to wait his turn, not stingy on the toy. For older children teach the importance of giving and receiving.
  • Gently understand to him how wonderful and pleasant friendships that friendship is. If you need to give an example so that the child slowly wants to imitate it.
  • Open the door wide for your child’s friends. Allow children to take their friends to play or have lunch in your house.
  • Don’t teach children to be picky friends. Give him the widest opportunity, unless his friend does behave badly.
  • If he has a problem with his friend (fighting), teach him how to compromise (that sometimes he has to budge), express anger without overdoing (hitting). In older children, you can teach how to solve problems or find solutions.
  • Don’t rush to judge your friend badly. who knows even if your child is guilty.
  • Make your home a comfortable place for children and their friends to play. Provide toys (not necessarily expensive), enough books or other simple toys.
  • Ask for expert help if the child seems to have a social problem like no child wants to be friends with him. Do not delay longer because it can prevent growth and development.

That’s tips on how to help children find friends. May be useful.

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