Natural Ways to Treat Coronary Heart

Coronary heart disease is not an ordinary disease that can easily be cured. How to treat coronary heart disease can be by natural means or traditional medicine and modern medicine.

Treating with modern medicines in addition to the expensive price also the side effects must be taken into account and need to be aware of.

For those who choose to treat with the following natural ways to treat traditional coronary heart disease, to speed up healing, people with coronary heart disease should obey all restrictions, including not smoking, because cigarette smoke is not good for this disease.

Also avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. If you want to drink tea or coffee you should not make too thick, reduce fatty foods or spicy foods, the mind must be calm, avoid stress, keep emotions because controlled emotions can support the healing process for people with coronary heart disease.

Recipe for Treating Coronary Heart

Natural remedies that must be taken to treat coronary heart recipes are as follows:


  • Black sugar cane root (1/4 handheld)
  • Black sugar cane (one segment)
  • Kemukus (11 seeds)
  • Stone sugar as big as a chicken egg (1 seed)

How to make:

Cane peeled, wash then cut into small pieces. Boil with other ingredients with 3 cups of water until remaining half. Drink the decoction as much as ½ cup a day after meals.

That’s the natural way to treat coronary heart disease without modern medicine. Keep in mind to avoid all taboos mentioned above. May be useful.

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